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Welcome to the ancient and mysterious realm of Xin, Empire at the Heart of the World. Below, the court’s most perspicuous and esteemed scholars have compiled some information you might find useful.


Xīn de Shìjiè
Ta-ang Desert
Ku Wastes
Jangala Empire

Playable Classes

(Note, this section is all fluff, to see how these classes fit into the world of Xīn de Shìjiè. For the rules, see the appropriate rulebooks, and the notes on House Rules below.)

I am not planning to feature psionics in this campaign. However, if you’re itching to play a psionic character, we can definitely make that happen. Just talk to me about it.

House Rules

  1. 1 – The Samurai. Now, I’m assuming some of you will want to play Samurai. And that’s awesome! Trouble is, the samurai base class found in oriental adventures is super lame. The one in complete warrior is much better – focussing on CHA-based smiting, two weapon fighting (katana and wakizashi, obvi), quick drawing his swords, and intimidating the enemy.

However, if that doesn’t quite fit what you have in mind for your character, I reccommend playing a lawful good fighter. You will be expected to roleplay the strict social code of bushido, and take cross-class skills in diplomacy, knowledge nobility, and some kind of craft or performance (much like medieval knights, a true samurai is expected to be sensitive, courteous, and artistic, as well as a badass.)

  1. - Rule supremacy. We’re playing 3.5 edition D&D, but we’ll also be using rules from the 3.0 book Oriental Adventures. Basically, any time there’s a conflict in the rules, the 3.5 version wins out. A lot of the prestige classes, feats, and so on from Oriental Adventures are reprinted in 3.5 books (notably Complete Warrior, which I have). So Monks, for example, will have some of the advantages conferred on them by the Oriental Adventures setting (less restrictive alignment, weapon selection, multiclassing) but they will follow the level progression and class features of 3.5. (No 1000 foot vertical jumps.)

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