Rogues can be found anywhere in the empire of Xin, and they take many guises. However, rogues are usually more comfortable in an urban environment.

Some rogues come from the lower echelons of society, and seek to overcome the strict caste system through guile and thievery. Organized crime can make even the most impoverished out-caste a wealthy man or woman. Pickpockets and gutter-rats, thugs for hire or extortionist gangs, all these are viable concepts for the rogue class.

The gentile courtier who schemes and hides behind a web of lies, betrayal, and deceit is also a viable concept for the rogue class. Wealth and privilege do not preclude one from being a sneaky, clever bastard.

Indeed, some of the most feared and deadly assassins in the empire are rogues, emerging from the shadows to slip a poisoned knife into an unsuspecting heart. Some practitioners of the arts of ninjitsu had their beginnings as rogues.


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